It’s time to let parents easily opt their children out.

The state allows companies to opt out of paying taxes, 357
million dollars’ worth last year and increasing by 25 percent a year, to fund
The state then allows parents to opt out of public schools
and use vouchers to pay for private schools, private schools which by the way
do not have to take the same type or amount of tests that public schools do,
because they say parents know what is best for their children.
They however do not allow public school parents to easily opt
their children out of the high stakes tests that have sucked the joy out of education
for so many children and teachers alike. I guess parents only know best if they
don’t want their children to attend public schools. Otherwise they apparently can’t
be trusted.

If the state does not easily allow parents to opt out of
tests, then all the tests are is a mechanism designed to punish public schools,
students and teachers, it also puts a gaping hole in their reason for pushing
school choice. 

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