It’s been a couple days, so let me explain why proportional spending is a bad idea. (draft)

Several members of the city council want, no, are demanding that the school board split any tax referendum money with charter schools proportionally, that is based on a per pupil allotment. Now some people might think that is fair but it isn’t and let me explain why.

First, all school do get a per pupil share of operational funds, money that is used to run the day to day operations at the schools, and the money is pretty universal, unless you are at the KIPP school then it’s off the charts but I digress. Charter and public schools alike get a similar amount per student.

Then there is capital funds. That money is put into a big pot and then given out based on needs. Duval has some of the oldest schools in Florida and because of cuts from Tallahassee there are a lot of needs, more so than the typical charter school which for the most part are just a few years old. 

It’s a little more complicated too because most charters are for profits and more money does not necessarily mean more money for the school, but probably means more  money for their owners.

Let me explain it another way. Say I run a non profit that trains and gives dogs to veterans suffering PTSD, people that really needed them, that would be good. If the legislature came along and said I had to give them to just anyone whether they needed them or not, well that would be bad. Say I had forty dogs, and 80 people wanted one, but only forty people needed, should I split the dogs between those that want them and need them, or just give them to those people that needed them? 

I imagine we all agree the dogs, a precious resource, should go to those people that needed them, rather than those people that might just want them. Well sadly everyone but the City Council that is. That’s the difference between proportional sharing and equitable sharing.

The district has come up with a fair plan based on need, that includes charters, the city council and their donors sadly, don’t want a plan based on fairness, and they are willing to drag the entire city down for a chance they will get paid, and that’s shameful.

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