It was a bad month for Florida’s Charter schools

 First The KIPP School in Jax was projected to get a D grade
and this just months after having received a million and a half dollars of
public money through a charter school grant. Its grades thus far have been F B
D B D, hardly stellar.
A Charter school in Miami decided not to reopen after the
Christmas break. Yep, they said never mind. It’s the 55th to close
in Miami Dade alone since 2011.
The principal of another charter school was fired for
stealing money, from the charter school. Perhaps she planned to replace the money
with grant money that the state had awarded the school.
And imagine that attrition at charter schools are far worse
than they are at public schools. Parents should think about the experience or
lack thereof of the teachers that work there.

Charter schools as Florida does them are an abomination all
you have to do is open a paper to see the evidence.

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