It is Time for Mitt Romney to flip flop on education or how he could win the election by supporting basic republican tenants (rough draft).

I sometimes joke I like Romney, after all at one time or another we have agreed on practically every issue. Now it is true that currently we disagree on most things but that could change as well.

President Obama has teachers over a barrel. He knows most of us will vote for him because what Romney has planned for education is worse. Four years ago Obama sold me on hope and change, now I am holding my nose and voting for him because I think he will just be a little bit better than the other guy but that could change too.

You see friends there are 3.2 million teachers in the country, hundreds of thousands in the swing states which is more than enough to vault Romney into the white house and all he has to do get their support is to support what republicans since the party began have said they believe in anyways and that is limited government and local control.

If Mr. Romney promised to get rid of NCLB and Race to the Top if elected and then vowed to get the federal government out of our schools, I guarantee teachers would flock to his side in droves.

Sir, just announce you will leave education to the states and local municipalities, and that there will be no national policies on charter schools, vouchers, merit pay and standardized testing and I believe that is all it would take.

Announce you will let us fight it out our issues in our states and home towns where we should have been doing it all along anyways, well if you want to have a chance of winning the election that is.

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