Is Van Zant trying to steal another election?

It’s common knowledge that Van Zant using one of his church minions stole the Clay County school superintendent election four years ago. His sycophant filed to run as a right in candidate and since Van Zant and Ben Wortham were both running as republicans and only one would advance past the primary if there were any other candidates, this move disenfranchised all of Clay’s independent and democrat votes.

This alone should disqualified Van Zant from seeking election not that his ideas and policies haven’t been horrendous as well.

Despite there being no need he recommended the creation of Clay’s first Charter School, the Clay Charter Academy, which is just a blatant cash grab by Charter Schools USA, and then Van Zant is perhaps best known for hiring his cronies and injecting religion into Clay’s day to day. Finally lets not forget how he has been constantly dismissive and disrespectful to the the city’s teachers too.

Now word has come down that he is going to try his election stealing tricks again.

from Renna Lee

 Fred Gottshalk – Charlie Van Zants minion has filed to run for Superintendent of School in Clay County. If you do not know who he is, please go and view the tape from last night’s School Board Meeting. He is the older gentleman who has the Big Bible in his hand as he spoke to the School Board. He is the same gentleman that was put up to close the Election last time that got Charlie elected by 1400 votes. You are probably asking why is he doing it again. Obviously, they do not think that Keith Nichols or Rebekah Shivey can get enough petitions signed to qualify as Candidates. If they do not qualify and there is no “Write-in” Candidate, the Election would be an “Open” August Primary and Democrats and Independents could vote! Mr. Van Zant would have nothing to do with that in 2012 and he certainly did not want to take that chance this year. So, as soon as Fred enters the Race almost 70,000 people (Democrats and Independents) are disenfranchised again. (They cannot vote).  

Remember Charlie Van Zant has the church and the bully pulpit. He is a force to be reckoned with. We were forced here, I never intended to be here. We need every Teacher, Support Professional, Parent, Friends and Neighbors to get behind us. Please spread the word! Use Facebook, write letters to the Editor and tell your stories. This rule that allows a Sham Candidate to Close a Primary is not illegal but is it ethical??? You be the judge. 

Friends in Clay County you have to do better than Van Zant, you have to. Don’t let him steal another election and continue to drive the county into a ditch.

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