Is the Times Union trying to make money off VAM scores?

For you conspiracy theorists out there, though in this day
and age I think anything is possible.
The short of it is the Times Union sued to have teacher’s VAM
scores released and controversy ensued. The FLDOE has decided not to put
teacher’s VAM scores up on their web-sites though people can request them, the
TU had no such compulsion and put up a data base where you could enter, district
school and teacher to check on VAM scores.  
Here is the thing, unless you are a member of the TUs site, something
you have to pay for and a rate that just went up recently you can’t access the
data base.  Hmmm, I wonder how many subscriptions
they will sell to people who just want to access the VAM data, my guess is more
than a few.
Despite Frank Denton’s pleas that they were just doing their
civic duty and informing the public, I have no doubt in my mind that this was all
about them making money.  

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