Is this Melrose place or a School District?

I am not one to write about rumors or personal lives
but there is one persistent rumor out there that I felt I should talk about and
that’s who followed Connie Hall after the November school board meeting.

In case you don’t remember Connie Hall reported being
followed after the school board meeting and was so unnerved she involved the
police. The rumor on the street is it was Rachel Vitti the super’s wife who
followed her and I don’t know if it was started because Hall reported it was a
dark SUV and she drives one or there are reports that she was at the school
board meeting and visibly upset, but either way it is ridiculous right? Even if
she was annoyed that Hall led the initiative to put a letter of condemnation in
Vitti’s file, she would have to know better than to follow and attempt to intimidate
a school board member.

At first I pretty much ignored the story but then when
the district refused to release the video footage for specious reasons my
curiosity piqued.

My curiosity was furthered flamed when I was told that
Mrs. Vitti couldn’t have followed Mrs. Hall because Wendy Lehockey, Vitti’s chief of staff was with her. Yeah
probably like you, I too at first thought, what that’s ridiculous, the district
must be covering for the super’s wife, but to be honest I don’t know if they
are friends and maybe they often drive around together after school board

All of these rumors
make our school district sound ridiculous and petty and they distract us from
the job of educating our children. We should be debating the curriculum and
discipline, pushing back against for profit charters and testing or worried about
so many other issues instead of this.  The school board should release the tapes or
allow representatives of the media to view them in order to put
 these scurrilous
rumors to bed.

We shouldn’t be distracted
by, to use the super’s words, adult issues.

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  1. Or Mrs. Vitti AND Lehockey were in that SUV. LOL!! Give the big man this credit, he never lets this district get boring.

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