Is there going to be an investigation into Mousa and Baker, and what Curry knew and when?

The legitimacy of Jacksonville city government is on the line.

As for as I can tell it’s not illegal for the mayor and the city council to sell out the city’s children and schools. Immoral yes, illegal no. However if Sam Mousa while a city employee hatched a scheme with another of Lenny Curry’s top lieutenants, Tim Baker, to extort a half million from the school board isn’t illegal then nothing is. Then if the mayor coordinated it some how, and I can’t imagine those two doing anything without Curry’s approval then this is a serious matter.

This is something the city should not forget. This is something that city shouldn’t just shrug their shoulders over and move on from. We need to make sure that we have a city government that is above board that does things the right way. 

The city council should immediately call for a investigation and the last people that should handle it is the general council’s office. When they didn’t recuse themselves over the special tax referendum, two agencies had competing interests, and dubiously sided with the city, they proved they could not be trusted to be impartial. Furthermore they are beholden to the mayor for their jobs and what the mayor knew and when he knew it should be central to the investigation.

It’s not illegal to sell out the city’s schools and children. I get that. Profiting off this sell out however should be. Conspiring to profit off it should be too. We need to know if that is what the mayor and two of his top lieutenants did.

If the people of Jacksonville don’t have a government they can trust then we should replace the people governing with people we can.

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  1. It's clear the administration in City Hall has given the Council instructions to stall this process til November of 2020. The question is why? Is it really because they believe that date gives the referendum the best chance of passing? Is it because it saves the school board $1M?

    Or are they afraid that it will pass this year aided in part to low voter turnout without a huge, calculated marketing push with the help of "inside" consultants?

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