Is the teacher depot in danger?

I used to live on a street with a Duncan Doughnuts at the end of it. Now I didn’t go often but I always felt comforted knowing it was there. that is sort of how I feel about the teacher depot. In my seventeen years in the classroom, I have only gone a handful of times but I always felt comforted knowing it was there, though I have know other teachers who attend religiously.

Now it seems as if the teacher depot will be closing up shop.

Talking several to several people in the know, they report that with the impending retirement of the manager of the Teacher Depot, the district seems content to let it die.

If the teacher depot is important to you now is the time to start letting the district know.

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  1. I go every month when it is open the first Thursday of the month and I try to go again in the middle of the month to pull books for classroom libraries and book swaps for kids to have books to take home. I will be writing a letter to my school board rep. to let her know that this is the only way I'm able to stock books for school, find prizes for classroom purposes, and other great pieces for art.

  2. Why can't they just appoint a new manager? I love the Depot, never miss it! Will the district give schools more money for supplies? I get paper clips, glue sticks, markers, pens and lots of cool stuff for my prize box. Hundreds of teachers count on it every month.

  3. The manager is not retiring any time soon. They don't want the teacher supply depot because they feel she picks up junk/trash. In my 30 years of teaching, I can't calculate how money I have saved by going to the teacher supply depot.
    I have volunteered there off and on, and hear to tell you the places that donate to the teacher supply depot stretch far and wide. There is only 1 PAID EMPLOYEE of the teacher supply depot. All the other people you see there are UNPAID volunteers.
    DCPS was given award in Orlando based on the work of the Teacher Supply Depot but yet they deem the building unsafe and want to close it. The surrounding Counties can wish they had a Teacher Supply Depot.
    I repeat, there is ONLY 1 PAID EMPLOYEE that works at the TSD day in and day out.

  4. It isn't hard to read between the lines of the TU article that DCPS is being typically backstabbing and underhanded in trying to close the depot. They closed it on a day that they knew Chris would be out of town. What "discussions" about her retirement are taking place? They could simply replace her, as they do with any other retiring employee, but they don't want to pay even one person, even though it benefits so many teachers and students.

    Fortunately, Chris is retiring, so she no longer has to be yet another woman who is afraid to speak. She said there have been previous attempts to close the depot. It's obvious that Bulls Bay wants to take the depot and Chris feels that taking the building is a passive-aggressive way to take over the program she has built.

    Anyone who has worked for DCPS knows who is telling the truth here. I believe Chris. Moving it to Bulls Bay would be effectively closing it, because it is such a hardship to get there.

    DCPS hates teachers and could care less about students.

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