Is Teach for America’s time in Jacksonville coming to an end?

From the Times Union

There also was resistance among board members to continue paying Teach for America, a national group which recruits and trains non-education majors to teach in urban, low-income schools. Vitti proposed that this year, the district pay Teach for America about $400,000 to provide 50 new teachers, not counting those teachers’ salaries.

But several board members balked, noting that many Teach for America teachers in Duval don’t stay in district classrooms. Most either leave the district, or they take administrative positions in district or charter schools.
Wright said she would prefer the district spends that money on marketing efforts for Duval to attract and retain its own pool of new teachers.
Let us hope so. 

2 Replies to “Is Teach for America’s time in Jacksonville coming to an end?”

  1. "Vitti recently was hired to be Detroit’s new superintendent. He has said he wants to help the Duval board get through the budget process before he leaves."

    I think it's kinda funny that the board has finally found its backbone with Vitti having one foot out the door. If I were the board I'd give him the next 2 weeks paid leave to get his personal affairs in order & wish him bon voyage. They can figure out the budget process without his input. He's the one who made the choice to leave. He shouldn't get to dictate the terms of his departure at this point.

  2. Taking away incentives for teachers to teach n my community AND program that already provides teachers seems like a ploy for more charter schools. I know lori hershey is a conservative and charter school advocate her kids went charters.this decesion doesnt even effect her district. Our community needs to take a stand!! Marketing for teachers? If its not working now how will it magically happen? Im not a huge tfa fan but they r difderent in duval than national from my personal experienve. The distruct doesnt even have incentives to keep us teachers how can they criticize tfa for not having one. What is the real angle here? Chris, please run for office again these non educators have zero clues!

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