Is the superintendent getting a golden parachute from the district?

The district
extended the superintendents contract today by two days so it ends in 2013
rather than in 2012. The explanation was this would save the district money.
Funny how they just realized this but the district has never been known for its
powers of observation.

I however had
another question. Quite often bonuses, steps, raises or years of pension click
in after a half-year plus one day worth of service. For me to get
my step I have to work half the
year plus one day. So I wondered if extending the superintendents contract by
two days would bump up his pension the worth of an additional year. I asked the
district and this what they told me.
We do not believe there are any pension ramifications.
They don’t know, so we could be saving 8,500 as the Times
Union reported the district told them or we could be spending hundreds of
thousands of dollars. Who knows? However how the top takes care of their own I
wouldn’t be surprised if it was the latter.

Typical Duval County.

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