Is something unethical going on at the KIPP schools?

From the Times Union:

Many charter school
operators counter that there’s more demand than space at their schools.

Kipp, for instance,
operates a middle school and two small but growing elementary schools — totaling
830 students. It still has 1,200 students more on its waiting list, said Tom
Majdanics, executive director of KIPP in Jacksonville.

The district however says they have never reached their max enrollment.

It’s a rather innocuous exchange at the 2 hour and 8 minute mark.

Superintendent Vitti asked if the KIPP School has ever maxed out their enrollment.

He asked a subordinate who answered they have come close but haven’t.

So why do they have a wait list if they have never reach their max enrollment?

Is it because they are picking and choosing who they take, because as I understand it that is both illegal and unethical.

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  1. Three shell Monte game – no pea. Vitti as shell mover and the School Board as pea. Only suckers stop to play. And guess what? They get suckered. Every time.

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