Is the Jacksonville Public Education Fund trying to buy the school board?

It sure looks like it!
First Six board members of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund donated to Darryl Willie’s campaign and 5 of them donated to Couch and Shines campaigns too. 

Daryl Willie
Cindy Edelman and her husband 2,000 dollars.
John Baker, 1,000 dollars
Gary Chardrand, his wife Nancy and daughter Meredith, 2,500 dollars
Poppy Clements and her husband 2,000 dollars
Cleve Warren, 255 dollars
Deloris Weaver’s husband and son, 1,500 dollars
Scott Shine
The Clements 500
The Weavers 1000
Baker 500
The Chartrands 500
The Edelmans 1000 
They just got on the Shine band wagon, more money is bound to come
Becky Couch (who doesn’t even have an opponent) 
The Clements, 2000
The Weavers, 3000
Baker. 1000
The Chartrands 1500
The Edelmans 1000
I hope we all see the conflict of interest here. The line between the JPEF and the School District is becoming increasingly blurred what with them running numerous activities and managing tens of millions of dollars through the Quality Education for All initiative.  The same people above also donated heavily to Ashley Smith Juarez in 2012 and helped her get elected. If the JPEF has a quorum of school board members what couldn’t they do? 

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  1. This is sick and it is exactly why we can't make progress – what this also tells me is the Couch has sold out

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