Is it okay to sacrifice some children’s futures as the school choice movement figures it out.

I asked one of the ReDefined Ed guys, Jeb Bush’s
pro-privatization blog, who had just written a piece about how great charter
schools were doing, about the 250 charter schools that have taken public money
and closed leaving families and communities in a lurch in Florida over the years. Where they factor into
all the good data. 
It was almost like I was speaking Greek to him as he said
since they closed the students who attended them didn’t have their data factored in. Though we all know the kids data
was factored into the public schools they returned too. He then said it’s a
good thing that those charters closed as it would leave only higher performing charter
schools left. It didn’t matter that thousands and thousands of children had
their educations and futures damaged.
Then today in the same blog Jason Bedrick of the, I have
never met a public school they liked and charter school they didn’t, Cato
Institute wrote, over time, this market process weeds out ineffective
approaches and encourages the proliferation of more effective approaches.
Oh, over time, a few years maybe, perhaps a decade, perhaps
longer, who knows right? The free market eventually figures everything out
after all. Also who cares if tens and hundreds of thousands of children more have their
futures shortchanged in the mean time?

their dystopian future public schools have no place, with only a few charter chains
and an unregulated voucher accepting private schools remaining. That’s what they want the free market to figure out.

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