Is Gary Chartrand trying to buy another school board race?

He already owns district 7 where Ashley Smith-Juarez is and
now it looks like he is interested in buying district four’s seat too. All of
these people have contributed to yours and mine favorite TFA alumni Darryl
Cindy Edelman is on the board of directors of the Jacksonville
Public Education fund, Chartrand’s play education think tank.
Greg Delaney is the CEO of Acosta Chartrand’s grocery store business.
Greg’s wife donated too. It’s great to see these Ponte Vedra residents so
concerned about the north side of town (sic).
Then there is Chartrand’s daughter Meredith Frisch and his
wife Nancy, who I doubt could find the north-side of town.
Throw in the thousands from Wayne Weaver and all the other
ex-jag executives, and all the Haskell money and the pieces like a puzzle really start to fit together.

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  1. Of course he is trying to buy another board seat and shame of it is the assumption that if you have money you also have knowledge and wisdom about everything which is a fallacy of freshman logic. Because you made money in business doesn't mean that you understand education and they are all arrogant enough to assume that if they impose their will everything will be better. Weaver, Chartrand, Haskell, Rummel, Baker and others have literally thrown millions of dollars at pet education projects and they all have proved to be distractions resulting in no improvement. They fail repeatedly because they cannot control community involvment.

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