Is Florida a success or a failure? Well it depends on which test you believe.

When the NEAP scores came out that measured Florida’s 4th
and 8th graders people like Jeb Bush bent over backwards to say how
well Florida was doing.
Fast forward to the PISA results and oh boy, Florida is
failing its kids, mostly because we aren’t doing more of what Jeb Bush says we
should be doing.
And somehow they use both the good scores and the bad scores
as indicators that the corporate reforms that Florida is full speed ahead on
are working, though if you dive behind the cherry picked numbers they use you might come up with a different conclusion.  
And what does NEAP and Pisa stand for? Who cares, it’s just
one more test for our already tested to death kids have to take. Instead of
worrying about how we compare to the nation and the world we need to start
worrying about how many kids we get to college, graduate that don’t hate school
and how many we can get out of poverty. I don’t care what some kid is doing in
Michigan and Singapore, though I wish them well. I care that our kids have a

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