Is Duval setting its teachers up to fail?

Follow me for a second. At the beginning of the year, well
sometime during the first nine weeks anyways teachers gave their children a pre
test to set a baseline. Then at the end of the year they are supposed to give
the same test to see if there has been any growth. Not a bad way of doing
things if you ask me though I think teachers should get the first results
(maybe not the same questions) so they will know what subjects kids have
deficits in and be able to work with them. Since the powers that be like gotcha
moments more than helping kids we’re not quite at that point yet.
Anyway teachers all over the district have been reporting
that the district lost their initial baselines and have been told to
readminister the tests. This has happened to entire classes and grade levels in
certain schools. Well friends if the teachers give the same tests now the
results will be different and at the end of the year when they give the post
test the gains will be smaller. Friends this has pay and employment ramifications.
If the district can’t be responsible enough to do their job
then teachers should not have to pay the price for it. Sadly more and more each
day especially with the expansion of TFA and with bringing the TNTP to town I am
beginning to believe that kneecapping our teachers is the overall goal.
Sadly we have people in charge who don’t respect teachers
and who would rather replace than improve our schools.
If the district is asking teachers to redo the baseline tests then they without a doubt are setting teachers up to fail.

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