Is Duval Cooking the Books with Graduation Rates?

Just a few weeks ago a principal at a charter school complained about how kids were counseled out of public schools to go to his school.

The state has also announced an investigation into districts after allegations that they had been cooking the books about graduation rates surfaced.

Then yesterday I received this comment which has echoed comments and tips I have received over the years.

From my principal’s 3/17/17 weekly memo (insulting bribe):

“Counselors and administrators are working tirelessly to support students and help them graduate in June. Please be aware that their success in fulfilling graduation requirements not only affects their future but the reputation of {our school} as well. If we do not have a final push with teacher support for out seniors to graduate, our rate could be as low as 80% compared to last year’s rate of 90%, which will negatively impact our school grade and reduce the chances of reaching our goal of “B” with recognition money…If grade recovery is needed for first semester, please work with the student to master those standards covered. A teacher may submit a grade change at any time, when the student shows mastery of the standards.”

Wouldn’t it be ironic that the one thing that the superintendent’s supporters always point to, an increase in the graduation rates, happened because the district has been cooking the books.

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2 Replies to “Is Duval Cooking the Books with Graduation Rates?”

  1. Chris, I think this is Baldwin, and from what I hear, a kid can graduate from there without attending any classes,which is putting a lot of pressure on the teachers.

  2. Especially now that tenure has been eliminated and DTU sucks. My principal loves new teachers. They can be pressured into inflating grades and ignoring discipline.

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