Is Daryl Willie candidate SB district 4, for raced based goals?

Looking at his campaign donor list, and he has raised an
impressive 16,000+ dollars, a few names jumped out at me. The first was Nancy
In a way this makes sense because her husband was instrumental
in bring Teach for America and I guess by extension Mr. Willie to town.
Her husband is Gary Chartrand and he has been a tireless supporter
of vouchers, charters, TFA, destroying teaching as a profession, high stakes
standardized tests and race based goals. In short he wants to privatize education
and he doesn’t think African American children should be expected to do as well
as other groups.
And I could go on and on.
I think who donates to you says a lot, and getting a grand
from anybody whose last name is Chartand can tell us what to expect.Oh and Becki Couch got a grand from her too.
Some other interesting contributors are Steve Halverson the
president of Haskell and Preston Haskell as well.
Wayne Weaver who knows women’s shoes but his recent comments
about education show he don’t know much about education
Cleve Warren, one of the biggest ant-public education guys
around, he is on the board of at least five different charter schools.
Lee Wesley and associates out of Orlando, big friends of Jeb
Ron Weaver and Thomas Petway, former Jags executives.
John Baker, chairman of Tiger Charter academy, um who won’t
this guy give money too?
In fact a very cursory review shows very little of his money
is coming from District 4
And that should tell you all you need to know too.

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