Is anybody else sick of Obama’s education policies too or Obama you don’t thank teachers by stabbing them in the back

I don’t have a problem with Benghazi, the economy, gay
marriage, Obamacare or ninety percent of the other things he does but then I
come full circle back to his disastrous education polices and think what does
that other stuff matter if he destroy the institution, public education, that
arguably made this country great?

Oh Obama let me count the ways you are sticking a knife in
the back of teachers and public education.

1. You talk the talk but you do not walk the walk. You go on
and on about how teachers are important but then all the policies you put in
place and support, charter schools, test based evaluations and high stakes
tests kneecap us.

2. Race to the Top, when you were elected we thought you
were going to get rid of No Child Left Behind but instead you doubled down on
it and worse you took districts and states desperation at the height of the economic
meltdown and you made them trade local control to what amounts to pennies on
the dollar. Plus education is not a freaking race, sheesh!!!

3. Arne Duncan, he is the most reviled secretary of
education in history, unless you are hedge fund managers or investment
bankers; they are inviting him over and lighting their cigars with hundred
dollar bills. His support of corporate reforms is widening the achievement gap
and ensuring a generation of kids always stay in poverty.

4. Penny Pritzker, nominated as Secretary of
Commerce, is heavily invested in charter schools funded with the tax money
taken from the 50+ Chicago Public Schools she approved closing. She even had one
named after herself. What Jeb Bush, the granddaddy of the privatize public
school movement wasn’t available for a position?

5. Not
realizing this was teacher appreciation week, he declared the week Charter
School Week, you know those defacto private schools that steal money from
public schools and despite the fact they can pick who they both take and keep,
giving them a tremendous advantage, do a poor job.

I would say he was a complete tool but I have this amazing
screwdriver and I don’t want to insult it

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