Is anybody else just plain sick of Arne Duncan?

Never a teacher but somehow he first ran the Chicago Public School system and now he is the secretary of education and I am just plain sick of him.

First he develops race to the top for the president, which turns education into a game and makes states trade control for pennies and now he is telling Florida to get its act together. Hmmm, he creates the condition for disaster to occur, predictably disaster does occur and now he has a “who me” look on his face? This guy is unbelievable, he is a frigging school closing, teacher blaming, high stakes test loving and poverty ignoring disaster.

When talking about how teachers were often evaluated based on the scores of kids they didn’t teach in an Associated Press article, Duncan said he can understand the rationale behind creating incentives for every adult in a school to work together in ensuring a child’s success.

UM WHAT!!!! Is he saying that’s not such a bad idea after all?

Later he said, “It’s going to be a hard, choppy couple of years.” For that reason, he said, it’s important for states to be able to adapt and make changes where needed.

Translation, sucks to be a kid in today’s blame the teacher, standardized tests are king era. Sadly teachers know how kids feel, it’s pretty bad for them too.

What a complete tool.

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  1. Folks are becoming quite aware of what corporate-state education reform is all about. And yes, that will make anyone just plain sick of Duncan:

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