Iranetta Wright leaves the district

When superintendent Vitti first arrived to the district he both said and did many of the right things. Perhaps the first chink in his armor was the promotion of Iranetta Wright from principal of Jackson to his leadership team. For somebody who claimed to be data driven, the data did not support this promotion.

Later he would fire or demote mostly new principals whose track records were at least as good if not better than Wrights.

Despite the fact she should have been no more than a dean of girls at a middle schools she was Teflon as she moved up the ranks, she must have known where the bodies were buried.

Where she did have her supporters her detractors were legion, well those she did not run off with her authoritarian, borderline cruel and often rude leadership style.

Many believed she was little more than a bully in meticulously tailored outfit.

Vitti was bad but his hatchet man, err woman was worse. This is good news for the district and hopefully signals that Superintendent Willis won’t put up with bullies masquerading as administrators.

10 Replies to “Iranetta Wright leaves the district”

  1. Why is she gone? Don't care,really. Just glad she is. I left a school I loved because she was principal there..really traded up, five excellent to incredible principals since.

  2. Do we not get to hear iranetta wright talk about Iranetta Wright any more? I'm curious if Vitti picked her up or she just​ saw the writing on the wall? Probably a combination of both. Best wishes in her future endeavors as long as they aren't here. She will not be missed.

  3. She was awful and she trained her underling at Stilwell to be just like her, a mean spirited bully who threatens and terrifies her staff. Her protege is so bad that someone wrote a manifesto to the Dr. Vitti, Iranetta Wright and the school board about her antics. Bullying begets bullying, I guess.

  4. This was LONG overdue! Good riddance to bad rubbish. She caused misery and fear and she was an academic terrorist. Bye, Felicia!

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