One Reply to “Indiana Gets it, why won’t Florida?”

  1. I live in indiana. 82 percent of my property tax goes to schools, and I haven't had school age children in 19 years. When I did I had to pay textbook fees for books used from year to year.up to $414.00 for one child at least one year. In addition to that,if you dont pay the fees you go to court. even though I paid for private school for the majority of those years I got NO BREAKS whatsoever. Our little town also has the distinction of having one of the highest per capita pregnancy rates among teenagers in the nation. They no longer teach cursive writing and NEVER correct spellin' inymoor. But my grandsons of ten as well as the female students in thier class were taught using an anatomically correct penis with veins and testicles how to roll on a condom on an erect dildoe.Our new superintendent just announced no more corporal punishment based on HIS studies. when noone can remember the last time a student was even spanked here. Ride through our town and glance at a student just walking by and look one second longer and you'll be flipped off or told to F*** off. Yeah they really put the brakes on alright. It cost me over $700 for my car tags this year and I can hardly afford brakes to put on.One things for sure I aint retiring here. as long as i live 10 miles from town the only disrespectful little darlings i have to encounter are the ones i encounter walking to town from my own road. Frankly I'm more impressed with your system . I have a home in Jax. Just call me grass(as in always greener)

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