The incomprehensible logic of the Duval County School Board

The school board is meeting to discuss whether there are too many inexperienced teachers at our inner city schools, which are typically the ones performing (on standardized tests) the worse. This is beyond ironic when you consider they just contracted with Teach for America to send nearly three hundred of their recruits to our inner city schools. In case you didn’t know it, the TFA teachers are plucked off of supposedly “elite” college campuses and have zero teaching experience. Read that again, zero teaching experience.

Hey school board what is you plan to get more experienced teachers to our struggling schools, well it’s funny you asked, we just contracted with an organization that provides teachers without any experience to send to those schools. WHAT!?!

Up is down, black is white, dogs are playing with cats and people are jumping on the furniture. It doesn’t make any sense.

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