In lean times education is always the first cut, well friends Florida is in for some lean times.

Nobody likes what is happening but the truth is for the 19-20 school year Education is going to be fine, the money is already spent. The 20-21 school year however could be in real trouble.

Despite DeSantis and Corcoran’s optimistic outlook there is noway we will be business as usual on April 15th and as the amount of Corona cases and deaths continue to rise. the beginning of May is looking doubtful and it’s even money at this point that this will linger to June or the summer months and that means tax revenues that have already taken a hit are about to crater. 

The states ridiculous largess towards its corporate players means it is going to be even harder to dig out of this hole as the state almost solely relies on tourism to pay its bills.

Here are a couple must read articles so you can see how dire things are going to get if it takes 3-6 months for tourism to come back.

Florida will undoubtedly have to call an emergency budget session and that means kiss those meager teacher raises goodbye as we will all have to sacrifice, except most likely charter schools and voucher schools and more cuts will probably happen as well.

Friends we will undoubtedly need a federal bail out and we shouldn’t forget the last one was a disaster for education, no it should be seared into our collective memory. It opened the door to privatization, ramped up testing, created blame the teacher evaluations, made VAM a thing and gave us race to the top. Now it did save jobs but looking back at the last decade the cure may have been worse than the disease.

Race to the top has been a race to the bottom.

When there is another bail out we have to be sure it is beneficial to education and educators, we need to bail out teachers not tests.

Friends, there is going to be a lot of uncertainty in the coming months, one thing however I am certain of is education will be the fall guy if we let it.

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