In Jacksonville good education news is not always good education news

Sometimes it wears on me being the bearer of bad news but I think the public needs to know the truth about the education system here in Jacksonville if we are going to change it.

Governor Scott is going to visit Pinedale elementary next week presumably to celebrate its tremendous gains. Two years ago it went from a F to an A and this past year where it slipped to a B, that’s still great right? Sadly it is not.

When it went from a F to an A the enrollment also dipped by about 20 percent. You know what happens when you get rid of the worst performing kids in a school? The grade of that school goes up.

Recently the county told the public we were the only county that saw it’s amount of A schools go up. Great news right? Except at the same time our district grade dropped from a B to a C and that’s because instead of fixing our problems all we are doing is moving them around.

Well Pinedale regardless is still a B, and that’s good right? Well friends the state passed a rule this year which said school grades could drop by no more than one letter grade. If that wouldn’t have happened then Pinedale’s grade would have plummeted to a D.

So tell me where the good news is?

We need to have a serious debate about education here in Florida and come up with serious solutions, we don’t need to celebrate false improvement or continue to just push our problems, like an eight year old does peas on his plate so it looks like he ate them, around.

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  1. My daughter attends a high school in Duval County. They refuse to teach grammar. Really?! I believe it is another attempt to pander to demographics vs really tackling the problem. Teach our children!

    Moving my kid to St Johns County

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