Important education stories the media has ignored

The Atlanta cheating scandal got all the news but some
people think Miami had one too and Vitti got out just in time.
Also, the Florida
Department of Education recently released information that revealed that Miami
Norland SHS had 96 FCAT/EOC test invalidations over the past three school
Interestingly, 25
other public schools, all high schools, had more test invalidations that
Norland, with 20 of the schools being in Miami-Dade, most of them in the
Education Transformation Office.
Vitti was in charge of the transformation schools
Students have a terrible habit of being murdered under
Principal Brennan at First Coast high school and at least one parent thinks
Brennan is partially responsible.
Earlier in the week I
wrote about a brief conversation I had with the mother of Johnell Johnson the
murdered First Coast teen. She said she had gone to Brennan for help but he had
dismissed her. I don’t want to speak for her but I don’t think it is a stretch
to say she believes this played a role in her son’s tragic death.
Either way this isn’t
the first murder of a student that has happened when Al Brenna was a principal.
Gary Chartrand the influential local grocer who
inexplicably found himself on the state board of education friends have a way of
getting tax payer money.
KIPP and TFA two
organizations that Chartrand literally brought to Florida are essentially
getting millions in free tax payer money under his watch.
Charter schools are using the district’s computer
system to recruit students.
There is at the
1:26:30 mark, Becki Couch asks how a charter school would get her son’s
information. The superintendent replied charter schools have access to genesis
the districts computer program.
Teacher resignations are up thirty percent under Vitti
In 10-11 there were
526, 11-12, 574, 12-13, Vitti’s first year 625, It 
jumped to 875 in his second and friends that’s over ten
percent of all teachers just quitting and then this past year as of June 19th there have been 655 but that
number is sure to go up. 

I am not a reporter, I am just a guy with a blog, and
I have a day job too. Unless somebody sends it to me or I happen to notice it I
am out of the loop. I am not working sources or going through people’s trash.
My point is all of above and so many more stories are things the media should
be covering, the city shouldn’t have to hope I notice.

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