If President Obama thanks teachers during the SOTU I may hurl.

I will just get right to it, the president’s actions and words
about teachers rarely match up. He talks about how teachers are very important
and valued treasures but then he saddles us with terrible high stakes testing,
blame the teacher evaluations and a secretary of education that completely disrespects
the profession.
Race to the Top, Arne Duncan, Common Core which ignores
poverty and doubles down on testing and his embracing of charter schools are
all detrimental to education and unfair enough if that’s what the president
believes in but I and many of my colleagues are tired of him telling us that
yellow liquid he is pouring down our legs is water when we all know it is something
Jeb Bush, he doesn’t hide his disdain for teachers. I couldn’t
tell about his brother because quite frankly we were invisible during his
presidency but Obama, he smiles at us, tells us how great we are and pats us on
the back; the problem is he leaves a knife there too.

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