If Fischer and the mayor have their way you can follow the tax referendum money right to city Hall

The tax referendum fight has nothing to do with what’s good for our schools, children and city. It’s all about who will control the 1.4 billion the money half cent sales tax would bring in. City Hall wants it and woe to anyone including children who get in their way.

Want proof of that? Well look no farther than Jason Fischer’s proposal to strip the people of their ability to elect their school board representative and he is doing so with a parliamentary trick that excludes the people of Jax from even voting on it.

Who would control the school board and that 1.4 billion dollars if Fischer got his way? The mayor and his mega donors on the civic council.

Greed runs this city with whats right and decent thrown out with the baby and the bath water.

As despondent about this as I am, I am loving Warren Jones who has finally taken the filter off. More of us should follow his lead.


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