If Betsy Devos’s plagiarism doesn’t disqualify her, what would?

Normally I would write something like, she must know where the bodies are buried or have pictures of politicians with a live girl or a dead boy but we all know how she got where she is and that’s the old fashioned way, she spent 200 million dollars and bought her nomination.


Even though unqualified zealots running education is right up my literary alley I haven’t written much about Mrs. Devos because quite frankly her short comings and lack of qualifications are common knowledge, and where I know most republican senators salivate at the words voucher and charters I figured there were a half dozen or so who wouldn’t vote for perhaps the most unqualified nominee of any type in the modern era. 

I was concerned but I wasn’t super concerned until today that is when along party lines the Senate committee vetting her passed her to the entire senate for a vote and they did so even after allegations about plagiarism came to light.

From CNN.com

Sen. Patty Murray, the top Democrat fighting Betsy DeVos’ nomination to become education secretary, said Tuesday she is reviewing written answers the Michigan billionaire provided to the Senate that may include plagiarized material.
DeVos was approved by a Senate committee vote — twice — despite Democratic efforts to derail her confirmation process. The vote came after The Washington Post reported that DeVos had appeared to plagiarize answers she submitted to the panel.
Murray, whose questions spurred the plagiarism allegations, said at the Senate hearing that it appears the Michigan Republican’s responses were “copied and pasted from previous statements, or are simple reiterations of the law and not true responses at all.”

I get it the right likes vouchers, charters and money, but to nominate somebody so unqualified and with so many questionable entanglements is an affront not just to education but decency. Shame.  

And once again I have to ask, if plagiarism on top of everything else isn’t enough to disqualify her, then what would be?

On a side note, I almost felt bad for Lamar Alexander who said, since she really cares about kids she would make a great secretary of education, Is that litmus test to get the job? Since I have watched ever episode of Law and Order multiple times, if I paid enough, could I be a supreme court justice o attorney general? He permanently diminished himself to all but the most rabid conservatives and destroyed all future credibility is a single breath. This albatross of a nomination will be his legacy.  

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  1. This nomination is also the legacy of all the educators who voted party lines or voted because they were worried about some emails. Vote for children next time since your livelihood and the nation's future depends on it. It is going to be a long 4 years!

  2. "politicians with a live girl or a dead boy"

    Usually the comment is reversed, because, historically (and still true today) most politicians are men… so it would be politically damaging to be with a DEAD GIRL or a LIVE BOY.

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