I think Lenny Curry is a raging racist, now here me out before you tell me I am wrong… or right

Hear me out. 

The referendum will benefit those mostly minority parts of town that had been long neglected by the city.

Promise after promise was made and broken. 

Fighting against the referendum continues the status quo where the schools that service our mostly minority children continue to deteriorate and fall into disrepair.

Not sold, I get it, well maybe his proposal in Florida Politics will.

From Florida Politics,

“I would suggest,” the Mayor said Tuesday afternoon, that “we let the voters decide whether they want to see an elected Superintendent or a board chair elected at-large.”
Curry believes that a bill authorizing an elected School Superintendent could be on the November 2020 ballot along with the sales surtax referendum proposal.
“Maybe this runs at the same time as the referendum,” Curry said, “if everyone’s on the same page.”
You know, lets vote to keep or replace our female African american superintendent, the one that dared to question city hall.
Am I reading to much into it? Well we had a white guy as superintendent for three years while Curry was Mayor and he didn’t say word one about replacing them with an elected superintendent, plus Greene has arguably been more successful than him. Yes, we improved under Vitti using state metrics but she hasn’t thrown us into economic chaos like he did. In fact she is trying to drag us out. 
Then lets throw in the murder rate as well which he hasn’t seriously even attempted to address and which disproportionately affects our mostly minority areas of town 
At some point coincidences stop being coincidences.
You know I don’t think Curry has a lawn jockey or throws out the N word over cigars with his pals on the civic council but if at some point enough evidence presents itself then you have to call it.
I want to point out that this isn’t the first time Superintendent Greene has met disrespect from the white power structure, at a state board of education meeting in May, commissioner of education Richard Corcoran was very disrespectful, something I doubt he would have done had she been a white male. 

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