I hope attorney general Pam Bondi knows the law better than she knows education

Our attorney general endorsed Jason Fischer a local candidate for school board and in doing so she said, Fischer’s dedication to his family and church “speak volumes about his character.”

Um, I know plenty of good family men and plenty of good church going men I wouldn’t want running our schools. How does that make one qualified? Furthermore his opponent John Heymann is a tireless advocate for our children, doesn’t that speak volumes about his character, if not his relevant experience?

No, I suspect what speaks volumes about Mr. Fischer to Mrs. Bondi is the little “r” next to his name. She doesn’t understand that our school board races are listed as non-partisan for a reason.

One of the problems we have had in education is good family men and good church going men who know nothing about how education works meddling in education and this is made worse when blatant partisanship is exhibited. Our school board should be about what’s best for our kids and not about putting whatever republican du jour is available on the board.

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