I don’t like our school board…

…but I would rather them be in charge of our schools than a panel of businessmen in New York City or heck New Delhi for that matter.

Charter schools are not public schools nor are they democratic or public institutions and whoever would have you believe otherwise is at best a kool aide drinker but is more likely seeking to make a buck off of our sons and daughters.

School boards have accountability and must answer to the public but the boards of charter schools don’t and the way the legislature is insisting on giving them 5, 10 or 15 year contracts they never will and friends why is so called tenure okay for businesses but not good for teachers?

No, charter schools even though they receive public money are inherently anti-democratic and friends that is just reason number 125 that we should turn the tide against them.

Charter schools were supposed to be parent/teacher driven laboratories of change not profit centers of businesses that take the public money but then don’t answer to the public. Public money should go to public schools, to send it elsewhere sacrifices democracy so someone can profit off our children.

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