How Vitti’s grade excuses aren’t good enough.

First let me say I think the way Florida does school grades
is ridiculous and all they really show you are zip codes as schools in high
poverty areas for the most part do worse than the schools that aren’t.
From the Tampa Times: – 260 Florida elementary schools on the lowest performing 300
list for reading performance had free/reduced meal eligibility rates of 70% or
When you look how Duval did under whelming comes to mind,
yes we did have more A schools but our amount of F schools doubled and did
anybody else notice how the district said, but six of those were charter
schools? More on that later.
Vitti attributed the at best tepid results to large
leadership and curriculum changes and ever the spin master said, they would
better set us up for the future. I can see what he is saying and its reasonable
but at the same time it’s not good enough.
You see nobody listens to the teacher who had a dozen kids
miss 25 days or more. Nobody takes into account the teacher forced to deal with
discipline problem after discipline problem where they receive little back up.
Nobody takes time to think about the teacher who is working for their third
principal in four years, who has to buy basic supplies and whose kids arrive
well below where they should be. Nope they say those test scores better be up
or you will be out. So why should the public listen to Vitti?

Am I saying it’s time to throw Vitti under the bus and
cut ties? No, though I do think he has made several errors and squandered a lot
of the good will he arrived with, but at the same time I think it’s time we
stopped blaming teachers for not being over to overcome all the obstacles they
face and thank them for the ones they do because I shudder to think where their
students would be without them. 

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  1. It appears the bullying tactics and micro managing from the superintendent down through his hand chosen minions is having the same negative effect on the school grades as it is on the bulk of the employees (that would be teachers and the not chosen administrators). This school system needs stability and continuity…not more change. Vitti says "give it one more year", which I assure you will be disastrous, but by then he's made his bank, so it won't be an issue for him. It will be our problem again. Will we foster what is working and continue to give a 110% to our struggling schools…..or will we continue to look for that magic wand which always leads us into more trouble.

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