How to really appreciate teachers

This is a letter to the editor I have sent to the Times Union, if you have the time maybe you can send one too.

The week of May 7th-11th is the annual
teacher appreciation week. Well I have a suggestion and that is instead of
sending in your “world’s greatest teacher” coffee mugs and coupons to restaurants,
you do something meaningful, something that will make a difference for teachers
of the same magnitude that they do for our children.

If you really want to appreciate teachers, you need to demand
that governor Scott convenes an emergency legislative session to properly fund
education and tell him if he doesn’t then he and the rest of the Duval delegation
will pay a price this November when we have our elections.
Governor Scott signed a budget that Senator Bean and representatives
Byrd, Fischer, Yarbrough and Fant voted for that allocated a mere forty-seven
cents per pupil in discretionary spending to our schools. A little over
sixty-thousand dollars, to pay for teacher raises, rising health care and
transportation costs and a hole host of other things.
Duval proved it was one of the best districts in the nation
on the NEAP also known as the nation’s report card and has historic graduation
rates and their reward from the republicans in Tallahassee is to funnel more
money into charter schools many of which are for profit and some of the biggest
republican donors around and to voucher schools, that don’t have to have a recognized
curriculum, and whose teachers don’t have to be certified let alone have
degrees. How is this fair? Is this what you voted for?  
If you really want to appreciate teachers don’t bother with
the trinkets, coupons and school supplies though they are treasured, instead demand
our representatives properly fund education or tell them they will be replaced
with politicians that will.

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  1. With that being said, this is a big shout out to Zaxby's for there support of teachers again this year. The service was great and the meal was delicious, and they are treating us for a full week!

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