How to fix Duval’s discipline problem, hint, it’s not rocket science.

Duval County creates many of its own
discipline problems!
If my face is getting blue I hope you will
forgive me because I have covered this topic ad nausem.
Kids need consequences for bad behavior,
and remember if it is not meaningful it is now a consequence, and if they don’t
get consequences their behavior will likely worse and then like a virus their
bad behavior will spread to other children who see they did not receive a
consequence. Duval County does not like to give consequences for bad behavior
and that’s why we have a discipline problem and it really is as simple as that.
I am not saying we have to drop the hammer
but what we are doing definitely isn’t working.
There are two things we can do that
would greatly improve discipline in our schools. First take the nearly million
dollars we are prepared to spend on suspension centers or some of that QEA
money we are spending on TFA and hire more social workers. We need to start
address in the whole child if we want to have success with many. And yes I know
there are social workers at the suspension centers but I also know 12 social
workers would be better than 4.
Then we make ISSP mean something
instead of the joke it is and always has been in many schools. Miss a day you
stay in ISSP. Don’t finish your work or act up, you stay in ISSP. You don’t eat
when the rest of the kids do and you get two bath room breaks one in the
morning and one in the afternoon where all the kids go together and it doesn’t
happen while other kids are in the halls. Then ramp up the days, instead of 1
day give them 5 instead of two give them 10. For a consequence to work it must
be a consequence not just an opportunity to goof off with ones friends.
Come on Duval, this isn’t rocket

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