How stupid does the Florida Department of Education think you are? Apparently very!

Common core is gone and make way for the Florida
Standards and who cares if they are 99% the same and bring the same
liabilities, high stakes testing and siphoning money out of schools and
classrooms with them.
Pam Stewart like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain
is merrily telling anybody who will listen that common core is a thing of the
past and Florida Standards is what all the cool kids are doing.
Sadly I am not even sure if this is hers or the
FLDOE’s biggest recent whopper.
Last spring they put out a charter school study
written by charter school advocates that said charter schools are the bomb like
pretty girls say, unfortunately the truth is they are more like Ishtar, new
coke or what we drop on people in the Middle East.      
Then she and the board decided to keep the school one
letter grade drop rule or what I like to call the Chartrand rule because it
greatly benefitted a charter school he is heavily involved with. It says no
school can drop more than a letter grade even if they did really, really bad.
You know what if I had an A school, I might take the next year completely off because
the lowest my grade would drop would be to a B.
Mrs. Stewart also said common core wouldn’t cost the
people of Florida an additional dime. Gosh I bet Maryland wishes they were as
lucky as us because it’s going to cost that small state over a hundred million
dollars.  By the way conservative
estimates here in Florida start at about 300 million dollars.
Then there is the rebranding of common core which is
her and the FLDOE”s latest sleight of hand.
Maybe she thinks we won’t notice, or maybe she
thinks we are too stupid to.  
To learn more click a link:
The state has renamed the academic benchmarks
used to measure student learning gains, teacher performance and school grades
the “Florida Standards.” Education
Commissioner Pam Stewart
Tuesday called the decision appropriate.
Common Core is out — the name that is. Instead, the
state’s education benchmarks for public schools will be called “Florida
The reworked set of standards will feature Common
Core heavily, with a few deletions and many additions.
The Florida Standards, as the board is calling it,
refers to “all the standards that Florida has adopted,” not just English and
math, like Common Core, Stewart said.

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