How low can Teach for America go?

Teach for America started out by doing the opposite
of what we know to be best practices. They would put poorly trained non education
types in our most struggling schools only to replace them every two years. Well
now it seems as if they are getting even worse. Edushyster is now reporting
they are joining the charter school industry as well.
In Chicago where they recently closed 50 public
schools and where thousands of teacher’s lost their jobs, Teach for America
plans to help a consortium bring 50 charter schools there in the next five
years, They will do so by providing much of the work force for those schools as
more and more Teach for America recruits are going to work for charters rather
than traditional public schools. These schools
mind you will also pay them less than teachers in public schools.
Any pretense of being an organization that is in it
to help children is being stripped away replaced by an anti-union, anti-teacher
cabal of scabs.

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  1. The dog and pony show came to orlando last Thursday at the Hope Church. The FDOE person asked a question and I threw up both my hands and said TEXAS!!! That enthusiasm against the Common Core was against their presentation. The use of The Urban League does fund them but then unfortunately co-opts them. I like that few from the westside were there. Next time I'm timing the speakers to find out which one pulls a Glenn Beck and starts crying. I felt like I was watching an old fashioned medicine man or really a mini circus of a dog and pony show.

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