How KIPP plays the “get public money” shell game

If you wanted to open up a charter school, you could get hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and tax credits from both the state and federal government. It ends up being a nice chunk of change.

If you go to KIPP’s website it says it is running three schools out of its property.

KIPP Impact, KIPP Elementary, KIPP Voice.

They don’t, KIPP Impact merged with KIPP Voice so KIPP Voice would have avoided its second straight D grade, you know because KIPP does such a great job when compared to neighborhood schools.

You are probably asking why they would want KIPP voice anyway, at the time they started it they already had two K-up schools on their campus. Well friends its because of the grant money, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Money I doubt they had to pay back when they merged KIPP Voice with KIP Impact and this bares repeating because of their undeserved reputation of having great grades, to avoid a second straight D.

KIPP’s ability to play the rake in public money game should make us all groan but it is especially egregious since  it’s founder Gary Chartrand is fighting against the special tax referendum  and one of his chief arguments is the need for the school board to be a good steward of public money. Well friends his school is picking up an additional 2,691,000 in public money this year alone. Chartrand and his mayor, Lenny Curry are saying “no” to money for public schools, while literally playing the public coffers like a fiddle to get far more public money for the KIPP school than any other school gets.  How is that right, fair or decent?

I don’t think this should be lost on anyone either. They say they have three schools, three schools which each got charter start up grants, but they only have one budget. 

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