How Jason Gabriel took a ridiculously bad ruling and made it even worse.

Um we are paying for this. We are paying a lot of money for this, I hope people realize that.

So the original ruling ignored statute and changed the meaning of the word “shall” but it didn’t try and bludgeon us over the head with word games either. 

The original ruling was ridiculously bad, so what does Gabriel do? He says hold my beer.

Um that’s not a review of the law, that’s a word game and not a good one at that.

Um is Gabriel the city attorney or does he make crossword puzzle clues.

Um what the %$#^!!!!

Did I mention we paid a lot of money for this?

Even if I hated public education. Even if I wanted all the money the referendum would generate to go to charters and even if I as a general rule didn’t care what people thought, I would be embarrassed by Gabriel’s ruling and the reason behind it.

I wonder if when Lenny Curry came to him with above Gabriel was like um, or just said I shall take care if it.


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