How independent was the supposed independent review of the Florida Standards Test?

In Florida nothing should surprise us. Money and people are making lots of money off education has a corrupting influence on some people and by some people I mean legislators in Tallahassee.

From the Tampa Times, Wariness over a recent
study of Florida’s school testing system reached a new level Thursday as state
senators learned that Department of Education officials had input on at least
two drafts of the document.

Already doubtful about
the study’s recommendations, senators suggested its impartiality had been
“The key feature
of this report was it was supposed to be independent. That’s how it was sold to
us,” Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Fort Lauderdale, said of the effort, which cost
the state nearly $600,000. “Was there any other person that you could have
had review it other than the (commissioner) of education?”
Study author Andrew
Wiley of Alpine Testing Solutions said he didn’t know. He explained that the
department offered clarifications on some technical wording, but did not
influence the overall findings.
Sure they didn’t.
This means the review was hardly independent, and if the FLDOE helped them with some technical clarifications what else did they help them with. Furthermore the guy makes it sound so minor, just some technical stuff, but wasn’t it the technical stuff that so completely and utterly failed?
The game is rigged and teachers, students and public education are the marks, and despite the outrage and evidence the state feels they can just merely roll along with the barest of cover provided by a compromised study.

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