How the Duval County School Board taught me to lie

Okay I am just going to vent. Earlier
this year I got married, thanks, thanks but before I got married I had to get a
new social security card, my old one lost to my filing system which is reminiscent
of the Hindenburg.
So I took two half days, one to get the
card and the other to prepare for my wedding. I didn’t need subs because I have
third period planning followed by lunch and my last period could be covered by
a teacher with a planning period, for which they would be paid the bargain rate
of 12 bucks. Still a pretty good savings as I didn’t need half day subs.
I filled out my leave forms indicating I
would be taking personal time. Fast forward nearly 3 months, yep 3 months, and I have been
docked a days’ pay. Now I still have lots of hours I can miss, but
unfortunately for me and my bank account they are sick hours not personal
I wasn’t given a heads up, a, hey Chris
budget a little better this week because you are going to be a few hundred
short. No I noticed quite by chance as I was about to write a big check, which
I will now have to write next pay day.
All right if that’s how we are going to
do it, something that must be new because to be honest I have never paid attention to sick and personal hours, just hours, then fine, I will just have to make sure
this doesn’t happen again even if that means I have to lie. so if you see me out during the day one day next year be careful before coming on up, I may or may not be sick.
I mention this because teacher morale
has been talked about a lot recently. Well quite often it is the big things,
discipline, over testing, bullies masquerading at administrators but sometimes
it is the little things too.

I now feel a cough
coming on.

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  1. Someone was standing in the hall right outside the front office in plain sight saying hello to another teacher the first day back after Christmas/New Years' and was docked for not signing in before they took the sign-in sheet away — the principal said it was per the superintendent's instructions! Morale issues!!!

  2. I have over 300 hundred hours of time saved and got docked a whole day's pay for taking one too many personal days that year instead of labeling it as a sick day. I guess that's what I get for coming to work faithfully in this district!

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