How does Common Core address poverty? Spoiler alert it doesn’t.

Trey Czar was on the radio program First Coast Connect and
was asked how Common Core addresses poverty and poverty friends’, not low
standards is the number one problem facing our schools. Mr. Czar said good
question, we have to break the cycle of poverty and education is how we do it.
Um okay, but rather than answering the question it seems
more like he twisted himself into a pretzel. Does common core take care of
hungry children’s bellies, or make neighborhoods safer. Does it give parents to
worried about how they are going to put food on the table the time and energy
to help their children out? Does it give kids more time to learn material and put
our best teachers in our struggling schools? Does it put into place social
workers and mental health counselors because why a kid acts up or does poorly
in school often has nothing to do with school?
The answer to all those questions is a resounding, no.
It does however siphon millions and millions out of the
classroom and into testing companies bank accounts.
The problem with common core is not the standards; it is it
doesn’t address the problem.

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