How the Democratic party is letting Education in Northeast Florida down

I usually call out republicans but now it is time for Democrats to take their lumps too.

I am very frustrated with the Democratic party of northeast Florida and here is why. The elections are less than a year away and Jason Fischer the representative for district sixteen still does not have an opponent.

There is nobody more anti-public education in the Florida state house than Jason Fischer and that is saying a lot, yet for some reason the democratic party has not found somebody to run against him and this despite him being unpopular.

In 2016 he ran a scorched earth nasty campaign against republican Dick Kravitz and barely won but I know it had to create a lot of hard feeling with Kravitz’s supporters, so much that had a democrat run in 2016 they may have won.

Then lets factor in how Fischer quit the school board, the best thing he did while on it by the way, while using the position and our children as a stepping stone to a state office. Lets not forget this guy ran for soil and water and lost before riding anti-Obama sentiment to a narrow school board election in 2012.

Yeah, he has a lot of money in he bank but more and more people are waking up to the type of politician he is and that is one who just seeks power and advancement even if our schools, children and teachers pay the price. He hasn’t represented his constituents for a second, he only cares about his donors interests (and the money they send him) and they would privatize our public schools if given the chance.

If we want to see our schools improve, we have to start electing people who care about our schools, not the same cookie cutter republican who doesn’t give a damn about them, except in an effort to make a buck.

Why democratic party have you not found somebody to run against this very beatable opponent?

Come on, do something and why you are at, find somebody to run against Cord Byrd as well! 

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