How the city council’s questions differ for public and charter schools.

Here are a few questions the school board and charter schools have been asked by the city council 
Public school, give us every single detail of the 15 year, 1.2-billion-dollar plan that serves 150 plus schools and 113,000 plus students.
Charter school, would you like a hot towel?
Public school, give us a timeline of every school construction project, when it will start, how long it will last and how much it will cost, down to the minute and penny.
Charter School, can we get you a soda or anything, coffee?
Public schools, you are terrible human beings for not wanting to share the tax referendum with charter school based on a proportional basis and continuing to insist the money be allocated based on need.
Answer, um is that a question?
Public schools, yes it is now answer it.
Charter school, where would you like the money delivered and do you want small bills or big one.
Friends what is happening is a farce. The city council continues to give the city a black eye.

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