How can we expect children to do better when city leaders traffic in hate and ignorance

Black at Bolles.

Black at Episcopal.

Black at Bishop Kenny.

Black at Douglass Anderson.

All tell heart breaking stories of what children of color have gone through, what they had to endure. Then the plight of our LGBTQ children is well known. 

The thing is how can we expect children to do better when our city’s leaders don’t.

Wayne Weaver, Ronnie Fussel (clerk of the court), Martin Stein, John Baker, Micheal Ward, and Preston Haskell, some of the most influential/wealthy people in Jax have donated to a campaign, Matt Schellenberg school board district 7, run by Raymond Johnson, who compared BLM to terrorists and said gay people are mentally ill.

They have donated a campaign run by a man who traffics in hate and ignorance.

I think the public deserves to know if these city leaders shares his views. I also don’t think the city’s children can afford for them to have them.

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