Hopes for teacher raises in Florida fading fast.

Let me say, I think teachers will get something, well some teachers anyways, it is an election year after all, but recent developments in Tallahassee should dampen all our hopes that it will be anything substantial. 

Andrew Atterbury Politico’s education reporter tweeted, 

It appears as though the Florida Legislature is spending $500M to improve teacher salaries in 2020-21.

The House tonight lowered its offer from $650M to $500M, matching the Senate.

House leaders stood firm on a $50 BSA increase, needed to offset looming pension costs.


Let’s address the second part first. So the state is going to give districts 50 dollars more for the BSA and it’s this money that has been traditionally used to fund raises. Then the state is going to take every penny back and more to address a pension shortfall that Tallahasee created.

You might be wondering what about that three percent teachers have been paying for the last decade, shouldn’t that have shored up the pension? Yeah it would have if the state wouldn’t have cut how much districts have to contribute because they wanted to give districts less money.

In short they are going to give districts more money to pay for pensions they neglected. Brilliant! and Florida sucks!

Then it gets worse. Originally the house said we will give 650 million to raise the starting salary of just classroom teachers leaving veterans and other certificated staff out. The senate said well we are going to allocate 500 million but let some of that go to veterans and other low paid staff. So now in committee they have somehow agreed to the worse parts of each others proposals. Less money for fewer people.

Year of the teacher? More like throws some nickels at teachers while giving sound bite after sound bite that the rubes will eat up.

You know who really won this session? If you guessed charters and vouchers you got it as both our set to get hundreds of millions more.

Tallahassee wants public ed to fail but rather than just drown it in the bath tub, something they know would be unpopular, they are doing as little as they can without people being able to say they did nothing.


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  1. As a school librarian I am not optimistic about this so called raise. I got screwed over on the FSRP(school grade improvement) money a few weeks ago. Hell I can't even get hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes because I'm not a classroom teacher…smh. What a bunch od cheapskates!

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