Honest Answers to Education Reform Questions

Here are some honest answers to questions you might be having

What is merit Pay?

Something the teachers the principal likes get.

What are charter schools?

A place where we send poor black kids to so Wall Street types can make lots of money.

What are vouchers?

Welfare for the well off and if the right gets its way a way to get around the separation of church and state.

What is value added?

A complicated multi variable calculus formula that math teachers can’t even explain that is used to punish teachers who work in poor schools.

What is No Child Left Behind?

The education law of the land, which changed America from the school improvement business to the school closing business, so big business could make money off education. After decimating inner city schools for the last few years it is being modified so suburban schools won’t be impacted.

What is Race to the Top?

Obama’s signature education policy that picks winners and losers in education, emphasis on losers

What are standardized tests?

Something created by the Bush family so the Bush family could make lots of money

How does poverty effect education?

Study after study says it is the number one quantifiable factor that determines how children do in school or if you are a republican, an excuse given by bad teachers.

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