High school teacher in tears says they want out.

I often get notes from teachers and I received this heartbreaking one earlier today. Mind you this is a long time veteran who feels helpless and who has wanted to do nothing but teach their entire life. I have used it with their permission but I have deleted their name because they feared retribution but that’s another problem for another day.

Between you and me I would walk out today if I wasn’t a single parent. I applied for secretary and editor and paralegal this morning just to try and get out. I’ve wanted to teach since I was ten years old but I can’t take this anymore. 

And I know it’s babyish but I have been crying since 8 this morning when my principal emailed me and told me I had to move classrooms. I am so stressed and overwhelmed and panicked that crying is about all I can do. 

I tried to assure them they were not alone and that hundreds, maybe thousands of teachers felt the same way but I don’t think I helped.

Friends we have a huge decision to make and it’s to be inconvenienced or to risk lives.

It’s to lose teachers like above one way or another, or it’s to do better. 

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