Has Will Weatherford ever met a kid?

First let me say, quite often you get what you pay for, so you will please have to forgive me that if I think Weatherford is more concerned with saving a buck than what is in the best interest of our children.

The Sunshine State News reported: Weatherford noted the state will continue to work on improving the K-12 system but focused much of his comments on higher education, with the announcement of the opportunity for every university to earn a merit-based increase in funding and the creation of what he deemed a “branded, accredited, singularly-focused online university will be that catalyst for change.”

Weatherford pointed out that the generation currently entering higher education grew up on the Internet. He believes an online university will bolster higher learning, because of its availability to more Floridians and its affordability compared to traditional universities.

“The best part about it is that we can offer it for a fraction of the cost,” Weatherford said. “Our next generation of students won’t have to choose between being saddled with debt and getting a degree.”

Um yeah, they have grown up on the internet, playing video games and liking videos of cats but that is a far cry from doing academic work which many won’t be prepared for. Sure some kids will be able to do it and even thrive but the vast majority will die on the vine having failed or incompleted classes and I don’t think they or their parents will care that they were a little bit cheaper.

Study after study shows on-line only education often produces shoddy results. But hey what do facts matter if we can save a buck.


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